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Quiet Calm

Quiet Calm

Free Session: Adapted Box Breathing

Settle into stillness with adapted Box Breathing and sacred singing bowls.

Quiet Calm uses adapted Box Breathing to quiet the mind and slip you into a deep meditative state. During the final 5 minutes, rainforest sounds and tranquilizing frequencies invite you to meditate or dissolve into relaxation.

Session Guide

Cadence 1
Adapted Box Breathing

INHALE (nose) for 4 seconds
HOLD for 4 seconds
EXHALE (nose) for 6 seconds
HOLD for 2 seconds

This variation of Box Breathing uses a longer exhale to generate a calming response in the mind and body.

Recommended Use

  • Anxious

  • Stressed

  • Long Day

  • Meditation Prep

  • Midday Reset

  • Relaxation


  • Quiet Mind

  • Alleviate Anxiety

  • Reduce Stress

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Gentle Focus

  • Deep Relaxation


Focus on breathing slow and steady breath waves while resting your awareness on the music.

Inhale softly for 4 seconds, expanding the belly as air fills the bottom of the lungs. Hold for 4 seconds with the lungs full of air. Exhale slowly, letting go for 6 seconds, either through the nose or mouth. Hold for 2 seconds with empty lungs. 

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