Science and Techniques for Improved Sleep, Emotional Healing, and Physical Performance
The Classic Sleep Breath by Dr Andrew Weil
The revolutionary technique developed by Stanislav Grof.
Slow DiveListen now (12 min) | 2 Breaths Per Minute
CoherenceListen now (12 min) | Heart-Focused Breathing
8 PhaseListen now (9 min) | Anti-Autonomic Arousal
Zen GardenListen now (15 min) | Box Breathing + Zen Soundscape
AM AirListen now (7 min) | Morning Equilibrium
HummingListen now (7 min) | Vocal Resonance
Peace PyramidListen Now (7 Min) Breath Holds & Acoustics
Unwind your mind with slow breathing and a Tibetan-Inspired sound bath by Ben Lukas Boysen.Transport yourself to a serene state of mind with this sonic…
This months reading and listening. An insightful and practical book focused on the power of conscious breathing for improving health and reducing…